The Shifting Sands: A Sprite Story

MAGD 488 Capstone Project

This project tells the story of five unlikely characters whose destinies all converge upon the fate of Athentanzia; an island threatened to extinction by the human known as The Corrector. Though bound by this quest, the unfamiliarity of those within the group, as well as the ramifications of a deep-rooted prejudice from warring kingdoms only serve to drive them further apart.

Produced as a semester-long endeavor in my final capstone class, I sought to create an animated story in which 2D characters interact within a 3D world. This was achieved mainly through use of Adobe After Effects, as well as custom-made assets. Due to the sheer magnitude of working alone for this project, as well as time constraints amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, I was not able to make every asset myself and instead opted for the use and crediting of free assets online.

Of the assets used, only the music, sound effects, and a small handful of visual effects were not of my own creation.